Pastors & Their Wives Issues Webinar/Talkshow

This is an ongoing special Webinar/Talkshow exclusively for  Pastors & their wives.

Submit your questions to or contact PAMELA MANTEY on facebook.

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Are you overwhelmed by the burden of ministry and yet have no relief in sight? Do you feel emotional drained by the incessant barrage of the needs of the congregation yet have no spiritual resources to edify you? Do you need someone who understands your dilemma but compassionate enough not to judge you, One who understands the complexities of ministry and the sensitivity of the office, One you can securely confide in without any repercussions? We are extending an official invitation to every Pastor and their wives to a special talkshow forum

Speakers: Reindorf & Pamela Mantey Speakers: Reindorf & Pamela Mantey

Join us on our new Talkshow as we discuss pertinent issues and challenges that Pastors and their wives faces. This is a straight talk, no hands barred, transparent discussions that will attempt to address issues that plagues ministers of the gospel that many will not dare touch. We will be interviewing many experts in different fields of specialty to offer solutions to many debilitating issues.

You have ministered to many, it is time to also receive ministry.

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We will be honored if you can send topics or questions that you would like us to deal with. Every question will be dealt with utmost confidentiality.

Some of the topics we will be dealing with are:
LUST & many more

Submit your questions to or contact PAMELA MANTEY on facebook.

TEXT  pastor, pastors wife or issues to 203-779-6686  TO REGISTER FOR FREE for sign up in the form below:

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Gerry King says:

we bless Jehova we cannt wait for heavenly inspired teachings

Rhonda Lott says:



rev. st. attram says:

its good to be each brothers keeper in the kingdom of light & righteousness.those preach peace,love n cares for people who than cares & support his/her issues.God bless u for this VISION

Thank you. We hope you will support us in prayer.

honey daniel says:

Good afternoon.
My question is what do you do if your husband who is a minister in the church fornicating. How do you deal with it apart from prayers.
Many thanks

GOD bless

Hello Honey, if your husband is fornicating it affects everything, the marriage, ministry and life in general. He first has to acknowledge his sinful ways and submit himself to his covering which can be a spiritual father to go through a restoration process. You both also have to go through counseling to bring healing to your relationship. You also have to get to a place to forgive him if you want your marriage to make it through this trial. It is important not just for the marriage but for you personally. If he is sleeping around You must also take precaution to protect yourself from any STD’s he may have contracted.
In a nutshell, these are the basic things you have to do. It’s good to pray and deal with things spiritually but you have to use practical steps as well.
I hope this response will help you figure out what to do initially. I pray that God will grant you the wisdom you need to come out of this situation so that His name will be glorified.

Question: How do you handle a women who wanted your husband ( Assistant Pastor) but didn’t succeed. Then turned her focus to you. Trying to turn themselves into you? Dressing like you and changing their hair every time you change yours. But yet heckling you during the service as though your doing something to her. Everytime I think I’ve finally forgiven her she does something else. I have to see her every Sunday and she has even gone so far as to write letters to the Deacons saying that I’m making it hard for her to remain a member when I promise you I have done nothing to her. I even left the choir as to not make her uncomfortable bc she complained abt that as well. I can’t confront her bc she turns everything into her being a victim. This has been going on for far too long and now I don’t want to go to my own Church some days. I just don’t even want to see her. I’ve prayed and have been trying to forgive and forget. Clearly it hasn’t happened yet. The Pastor has talked to her and that still didn’t help bc my Mother is the Pastor and then she try’s to flip it as the family is attacking her. Not sure what to do. What are your thoughts on this situation?

Hello Lisa, thanks for sharing your concerns with us. There are certain things I would like you to have settled within your heart. There are many women around yet your husband chose you so I would like you to be assured of that. There may be other women who may want your husband in the future so be settled within you.
On this woman, she clearly is trying to be you with hopes of still attracting your husband. This is a woman who needs help. She is insecure, doesn’t know her identity and has allowed the devil to use her. Kindly pray for her. Pray against any confusing and division she is trying to bring into your marriage and the ministry. Luke 6:27-28 says “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you”.
As difficult as this may be, the word asks us to do so. Keep your distance if any attempt to reach her turns futile. You must forgive her, not for her but for your sake. Unforgiveness works against us and hinders our blessings.
I pray that God will give you the wisdom to deal with this issue peacefully. I hope this helps. God bless.

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