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GLOW - Lighting Your World with Divine Radiance

Glow Global Network is a ministrial hub that supplies all the spiritual resources and practical principles to empower women into their glorious position in the Lord so they can shine forth the Divine glory in the domain of their lives. Glow is engaged in unearthing hidden talents and gifts, developing them into excellence for effective productivity thereby enhancing womens lifestyle.

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    Awakening of Potential

    Need transformation? Access innovative revelations that will enrich your life for effectiveness. Read More

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    Living the “GLOW” Life

    This is a Mentorship Program that provides the keys to living out your best life today! Read More

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    Radiance Elite Program

    This program allows women  to  achieve their goals in dynamic work environments.

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How Pastors & Their Wives can Excel in Ministry & Maximize their Potential

Doing ministry and serving God can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs any one can engage in. However, when ministry interferes with family life and there is lack of balance, it becomes detrimental to the over health of both the minister, his wife and the family at large (both church family and nuclear family) Whenever leaders are busy in ministry, there will always be significant …

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Ministering To Your Own Husband

As a Pastor’s wife, it is needless to say how much responsibilities are entailed and how much is at stake. There’s usually so much going on that you can loose sight of what’s really important. But regardless of the craziness there must be order and you must get your priorities right. By all means God must be your first priority. Matthew 6:33 (KJV) But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and…

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